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Don't just take our word for it...

We could print a long list of all the people
we've worked for over the last 20+ years,
but we won't. We think what our clients
say about us is more important.

Bill's photography raises the bar on the quality of our publications, truly making them showcase pieces. I can tell Bill the 'story' behind the donors and their gifts and let him run with it. Testimonial

Ellen R. Hurley
Director of Development Communications,
Massachusetts General Hospital

...he has such a magic touch with his subjects that they are relaxed within moments, and they reveal their true nature. Testimonial

Mike Teixeira
Creative Director, Calypso Communications

...the photos are great, but I also know that whatever comes up, he can deal with it. He is great with clients, and the technical quality of his work is so good, I know I won't have to touch the files. Testimonial

Jacqueline Stahle
Principal, Think Design

Any photo that he delivers is beautifully retouched and ready to use in any media... he makes my job easy and has significantly contributed to the overall quality of design at Mass General. Testimonial

Gretchen May
Art Director

Bill Truslow stands out among other photographers because he's adept at his craft…he understands how to provide files to a commercial printer while guaranteeing maximum quality for the client. Testimonial

Gina Deschamps
Deschamps Printing Company Inc.

Our marketing office has relied on Bill's talented eye and professionalism for more than 20 years. He never fails to deliver fantastic images, even when faced with the most challenging assignments. Testimonial

Bonny Griffith
Assoc. Director for Recruitment Marketing,
Ithaca College

Working with Bill is one of the best parts of my job. He always delivers the shots we need, and he has a great ability to communicate and connect with people. Testimonial

Joanne Hindman
Assoc. Director for Web Marketing,
Ithaca College

When I saw the photos of the plant we visited, I didn't recognize the place even though I was there beside him. Bill was able to capture something that I'd missed—something beautiful in the ordinary. Testimonial

Paul Young
Calypso Communications

Bill has shot many projects for the Hospital, the most notable being the creation of all custom photography for the redesign of www.massgeneral.org, a project that won an AIGA national design award. Testimonial

Gretchen May
Art Director

He is an ideal consultant as well as a trusted sounding board. And the level of professionalism displayed by the entire Truslow staff makes for a productive and comfortable work environment. Testimonial

James King
JP’s Shellfish

Within minutes, Bill clearly but delicately explained that we needed to imagine how our stories and pictures might inspire.... He elevated the entire conversation and helped us envision a beautiful piece that would tell our story. Testimonial

Martha Cunningham
Director of Communications,
Families First

Bill has consistently captured the essence of my sculpture in his photographs for the past 15 years. His photographs have been the basis for countless full-page magazine ads, show announcements and catalogs. I depend on Bill for his excellent work. Testimonial

Dan Dailey
Internationally Renowned Glass Artist

With Bill's help our image in the marketplace has improved significantly. His work has given our company a consistent and definitive style throughout all of our brands...he and his staff are tremendous to work with. Testimonial

Tom Fitzgerald
Marketing Coordinator,
UFP Technologies Inc.

Bill's attention to detail captures spirit and light whatever the situation. A day of shooting with Bill is always intense, fun and flawless with resulting photos that reflect the same. Testimonial

Cary Hull
Principal, Hull Creative Group

Bill is our go to photographer and he works well with both our branding agency and on-site teams. He's developed a strong understanding of our visual identity, and his work is flawless, even in tough or surprising shooting conditions. Testimonial

Kirby T. Burke
Marketing Director