How We Work

How We Work

First, we start with a really BIG cup of coffee to get the creative buzz going.

We then work with you to do everything possible to make the process of professional photography easy for you. We'll take on as much or as little of the production and coordination of the shoot as you wish. We can show up with just cameras and lights, or we can provide scheduling, coordination of travel, casting, styling, props, or anything else necessary for a successful photo shoot.

We are a 100% digital studio and pride ourselves in our meticulous process and the superior digital files that we deliver. We make image delivery as seamless as possible by:

  • Shooting all raw digital images for the best quality image
  • Creating a web gallery for viewing and downloading FPOs for layout comps
  • Working with you or your printer to create an ICC profiled color accurate file
  • Delivering a CD with a guide print or uploading the images to our FTP server
  • We work with you to make the production process as painless as possible. For more detailed information, download our Shooting Digital PDF

We love what we do and will make the process easy for you.